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Restoration Services

Richard C. Honore construction provides airports, commercial, and HOA property management with full restoration services. Restoration is the process of making something new again or returned to its previous state. Typically, many client’s that seek restoration services go through their insurance agency due to heavy damages inflicted on their property. Here is a list of common conditions clients reach out to us for restoration services.

Fire Damage

One of the most common types of restoration projects is caused by fire. Fire damage can be costly and usually results in a significant amount of structural repairs. In general, it is very unsafe to enter these damaged buildings after the fire, and should only be accessed by professionals. Fire Damage is often associated a lot with smoke damage which can also be restored.

Water Damage

Water damage can cause a lot of structural damage to property, especially with floods. Ultimately, water is an acid and weakens the structures of building materials used for your building. As a result, the cost restoring is quite high. Water damage is typically caused by broken water pipes and storms.


California is known to have a lot of earthquakes. Costing the state a fortune in earthquake repairs. Earthquakes are unpredictable in occurrence and size, and can be quiet devastating to building structures. Its best to prevent these earthquake damages with seismic retrofitting services.

Wear and Tear

Unfortunately, many things grow old and begin to wear and tear. Building structures are no exception and typically need restoration services by a general contractor. Richard C. Honore Construction can restore your building or structures back to its previous state.

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